The name Tuakana was inspired by the Maori word for ‘Brother’.

By engaging Tuakana Ltd, an established, well resourced contractor, you are passing on responsibility for the works. This includes compliance with Building Control and CDM 2015 Health and Safety requirements. We take Health and Safety seriously and are fully versed in its requirements; acting as Principal Designer and Contractor on your behalf. You can employ us for a fixed price or alternatively we offer a cost plus contract. We will take charge of the co-ordination and resourcing of the project from foundations through to decoration.

For every building requirement we can satisfy your needs with our team of skilled craftsmen. We will manage and run your job from start to finish with one main point of contact. Employing Tuakana building contractors ensures the project runs smoothly with our expert knowledge of the construction process. As building contractors we manage the whole site. We are constantly planning in advance to ensure all materials, labourers and contractors are there when they need to be. This manifests itself by way of a detailed daily programme which we monitor with you at our meetings. We employ a no-smoking policy within our sites.


Further benefits of using Tuakana Construction:

  • Our expertise and professional representation
  • Decades of experience
  • By project managing for you we reduce the time you need to spend on it – Why sacrifice family, business and personal time?
  • We will liaise between the Client, the Architect, Building Control, the Structural Engineer and all other parties involved within the construction process
  • We will help with material and fixture choices if required
  • We will inspect all of the work to make sure the next scheduled works can be done properly
  • We will ensure that the construction complies with building control and industry standards
  • We will track the cost of the job on a regular basis for any omissions or additions to the original quotation
  • We will specify orders, monitor, receive, inspect and store materials and fixtures from suppliers
  • We carry out insurance work. Water leaks and ingress plus subsidence and cracking are the most common types of insurance repair but we can help with any Insurance claim you may have so call us first to discuss your claim
  • We will obtain certificates and warranties from contractors and materials
  • We will keep track of specifications, remind clients of decisions still to be made and make changes where requested
  • We will ensure compliance with Health and Safety standards
  • We have the relevant waste carrier licenses for our fleet of vans
  • We provide a handover file on completion
  • We can provide a design and build service or elements of design if required
  • We have Public Liability insurance of £5million plus Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance


Phone: 01590 683339
Email: info(at)


Horseshoe Cottage,
Pitmore Lane, Sway,
Lymington SO41 6BW